The beginning of romantic Valentine’s week begins with Rose Day and everyone believes that the beginning of such a beautiful week should be amazing and memorable. People celebrate this day by giving them gifts and roses. But you can make this day even more special by sending some special rose day love messages and rose day wishes for love. You have to do just select the best one wish from the happy rose day love collection and send it to your love.

For your ease to wish we have collected rose day wishes for love that you can send. These wishes will help you to express your feelings towards your close ones. If you are still confused about what kind of rose day greetings you want to send to your lover, then you should check our various categories that you will definitely like.

Rose Day Quotes for My Love:

Wishing a very happy and lovely rose day to the most precious person in my life.

Happy rose day to someone who filled my heart with boundless love and happiness.

May God makes your life beautiful like the roses and remove all the thrones away from your path of success. Happy Rose Day.

Whatever the day is, our love will remain the same forever. Happy rose day my love.

Giving you roses on the rose day to let you know how precious you’re to me. Happy rose day.

There are so many options while choosing a rose, but for me, you’re my constant. Happy rose day.

You made my heart as soft as rose petals by your love. Wishing you a lovely rose day.

Sending roses for the most handsome husband in the world. Happy rose day, dear husband.

To me, your love is the sweet fragrance of a rose that reminds me always of you. Happy Rose Day.

Keep making my life beautiful with the smile from rosy lips through the year. Happy Rose Day, Sweetheart.

Words will fall short to express my love for you, hope the roses will fulfill the emptiness. Happy rose day my girl.

You are like the beautiful rose in a blooming garden. My heart is a garden of roses because of you, darling. Wishing you a lovely rose day.

Happy Rose day. Hope your life bloomed like these roses and filled with happiness and success.

To the person I admire most, Happy Rose Day. May you bloom like a beautiful rose and spread your fragrance in the entire world.

As you have come into my life, it is now as beautiful as roses. Happy Rose Day.

To my most precious person, Happy rose day! You are the rose petals those I save between my book pages and do not want to share with anybody.

A full bloomed rose and your love is the same beautiful and precious to me. Love and kisses on this special day. rose day quotes for her

This day is perfect because nothing but only a red rose can express what my heart feels for you. Happy Rose Day.

A red rose for love and a yellow rose for friendship to the person in whom I see my lover and friend both.

So, these are the best rose day quotes for love that we have collected from all over the internet. Hope you and your dear ones would love these rose day love quotes. There is a lot of power in these quotes that will increase love in your relationship with your lover.

Rose Day Quotes for Lover:

You are the only one my heart wants, cherish for and love the most. Happy Rose Day.

I cannot find another way to express my love for you rather than sending this astounding branch of roses. Thank you for being my roses. Happy Rose day.

Everyone loves the rose, but not the leaf; you are the one who sees good in me every time. A rose as in thanks for you.

With this rose, I am sending all my love to you along with my soul; keep it safe. Happy Rose Day.

Happy Rose Day to the love of my life, my prince charming and the hero of my life-movie.

It is hard to describe my love for you in words, so I am sending this rose to symbolize my feelings to you. Happy rose day.

These roses are my token of thanks to you for being there whenever I had a rough time. I love you. Happy Rose Day.

You always compare me with a rose and I love it because you are the person who loves this rose with its thrones and leaves. Happy Rose day sweetheart.

You’re the only one my heart desires for, love. Wishing you the loveliest rose day, dear.

You are the only rose of my garden and the single friend of my life. Madly in love with you.

I am afraid of the thought of losing the only rose of my life. Life is nothing without you.

On this beautiful day, all I wish to know you how beautiful you are to me and will remain the same in my eyes always.

A rose for you for bringing the best out of me, honey. Happy rose day, my girl.

Roses are beautiful, so is you. Sending some roses for you on this day to thank you for being there for me. You’re the special person whom I want to wish rose day with a rose.

Happy rose day, sweetheart. You’re the rose to the garden of my heart, baby. I’m sending all my love to you along with the roses. I love you.

No matter the season is, thanks for glooming in my garden and making my life even beautiful than before.

This rose is for you to say thank you for being there always with a heart full of love for me.rose day msg for husband

On this special day I want you to know you are the only person to whom I want to wish with a rose. Happy rose day sweetheart.

You are like the roses. You come in various colors of mood but never failed to charm my life. Happy Rose Day bubble.

Wishing a very happy and lovely rose day to the most precious person in my life

So, these were some of the best rose day special love quotes for the girlfriend(GF)/boyfriend(BF). These quotes are the right set of words that will convey your true feelings towards her/him. So, sending some sweet rose day quotes can make him/her believe in your love, and he/she will remember these lines throughout her/his life.

Rose Day Messages for Love:

Thank you so much for making my life beautiful like a bunch of roses. Happy Rose Day dear husband.

Your love fills my life like the fragrance of roses fill a garden. Thank you for loving me uninterruptedly. Happy Rose Day dear husband.

Keep always smiling and stay fresh like the roses I am giving you this day. Happy Rose Day my man.

I pray your life is filled with happiness and love like the rose fragrance fills up the air, dear.

Roses are the loveliest in flowers and bring so much joy to our hearts just the way you bring happiness to my life. Wishing you a rose day full of beautiful roses, husband.

You cannot measure the depth of my love for you and the beauty of roses. So, I am giving you both. Happy rose day my man.

People say, ‘Red is the Colour of Love’. People say, ‘Rose is the symbol of Love’. I am sending you both to remind of my unconditional love. Happy Rose Day Husband.

Hope success and happiness fill your life like the rose’s fragrance fill up a whole room in a second. I wish nothing but best for you my husband. Happy Rose Day.

Happy Rose day sweetheart. Your love is the fragrance of rose that I always want to carry in my heart.

Dear lovely wife, accept this rose as the symbol of your beauty which bedazzles me every day. Happy rose day beautiful.

A bunch of roses is not enough to honor you with my love, honey. Happy rose day, dear wife.

I know how much you love roses, sending you some beautiful roses on this rose day. I hope you’ll like it.

Rose is said the queen of all the flowers, and you are the queen of my heart, darling. My world is nothing without you, the way the world is incomplete without roses.

I am sad that I cannot afford you to send all the roses of the world, but I want you to know that even they will not be enough to express the love I have for you. Happy Rose Day, dear wife.

The roses come in handy when a man of few words like me wants to express my love and respect for you. Happy Rose day dear wifey, hope you love them.

To the woman who sticks by me through my thick and thin, Happy Rose Day dear wife. You are far more beautiful than roses.

Roses Are Lovely Flowers And They Always Brighten A Room And Bring Joy To The Heart. You Have Done The Same For Me, Brightened My Life And Brought Joy Into It. Happy Rose Day And Lots of Love.rose day quotes for husband

I wish, you always bloom like a red rose, You always smile like a red rose, And you always spread your fragrance like a rose in someone’s special life. Happy rose day….

I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, And then I looked at you, And I kept looking at you, For the rose isn’t as beautiful as you.

Red is for love, Yellow is for friendship, White is for peace, Pink is for gratitude, Orange is for fascination…..the whole bunch of these roses is for You. You are the love of my life. Happy Rose Day!

These were the best rose day messages for lovers on the internet that you will find on rose day. These rose day msg for wife and husband will be helpful for you. These rose day SMS for love can make him/her feel like he/she is the most important person in your life.

Rose Day Love Status:

I am afraid of the thought of losing the only rose of my life. Life is nothing without you.

This rose is for you to say thank you for being there always with a heart full of love for me.

On this special day, I want you to know you are the only person to whom I want to wish with a rose. Happy rose day sweetheart.

You are like the roses. You come in various colors of mood but never failed to charm my life. Happy Rose Day bubble.

A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day.

May God make your life as beautiful as these bunch of red roses. Happy Rose Day, dear.

Sending you lots of roses for signifying my never-ending love for you. Love you Happy Rose Day.

Rose is not just a flower but a symbol of love. Happy Rose Day.

I asked for a flower but God gave me a rose You are the rose Happy Rose Day.

Red is the color of roses and red is the color of love I love you Happy Rose Day baby.

Like a rose can fill the room with fragrance, your love has filled my life with love Happy Rose Day.

Red roses are the prettiest among all like you are the most adorable among all. Love you.

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart. Happy Rose Day.

Be with me when I need you, love me when I want you, hold me when I am alone, take care of yourself because, you are my life.

With this rose, I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long. I feel when I am with you not because of its beauty. But, because I am able to bloom and grow with you. Happy Rose Day.

A Bunch of Red roses signifies deep love & respect for you my love.rose day wishes for friends

“I miss your cuddles, I miss your kisses but most of all I miss you! the love I have will never change as each day goes by I will love you till the day I die.” Happy Rose Day!

“The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, in a language known only to the Heart.”Happy Rose Day!

“The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together.”Happy Rose Day!

“Bunch of rose I am sending you, Yellow to show our happiness, White to show our purity, Black to show our darkest secrets And red to show our love.” Happy 1st Day of Valentine Week.!

You can use these special rose day wishes to share with your lover. He/she will surely feel happy for having such a life partner like you. You can directly put these wishes as WhatsApp status and Facebook status to make this day special for his/her. This action will cherish your love affection towards your lover.

Happy Rose Day My Love:

You are a Rose of My Dream,You are a Rose of My Heart,You are a Rose of My Smile,You are a Rose of My Life…HAPPY ROSE DAY!

Roses know the language of love,What we cannot speak, roses say.Take this rose as a gesture of my love,Wishing you a Happy Rose Day!

This Rose Day, I pray to God that the thorns on your life’s path be vanished and it is filled with the beautiful petals of love, blessings and friendship. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!

When I looked at the red roses and you, I found that you are the most beautiful creation of God. Happy Rose Day, my girlfriend!

People are lucky who are blessed with true love in their life… I am one of them. Happy Rose Day, darling!

There is no feeling for soothing and comforting other than having the love of your life beside you. I love you, sweetie. Happy Rose Day!

Roses are timeless just like my love for you, sweetheart. Happy Rose Day, my GF!

You entered into my life with a fragrance of joy, You are just like a beautiful rose. Happy Rose Day!

Sending you this beautiful bouquet of red roses to express my love to you that is deep like an ocean and vast as a sky. Happy Rose Day!

May your life be as beautiful and fragrant as a rose. Love you for everything. Happy Rose Day, Lovely!

My life is empty without you, Just like a garden without roses. Be there always. Happy Rose Day!

A rose is not just a flower, it is a symbol of pure love and affection. This Rose Day, may God fill your paths with vibrant roses without thorns. Happy Rose Day!

No bird can dance like a peacock, no flower can be as beautiful as a rose, and no woman can be as pretty as my girlfriend. Happy rose day, baby!

My heart beats faster, my eyes stop fluttering as soon as I see you. You are the prettiest creation of God. Happy Rose Day!

Roses are red, skies are blue, Sugar is sweet, & so is you. Happy Rose Day dear!

Of all the attractive flowers on this planet, a rose is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. And, so are you, my girlfriend! Happy Rose Day! rose day status for husband

Thanks for sending me this beautiful bouquet of red roses darling. You are the most precious rose in my life. The happy rose day my boyfriend!

Dear boyfriend, My love for you is pure, resolute, and eternal. Happy Rose Day my man!

Rose Days will come and go, but my love, best wishes, kisses, and hugs will remain for you forever. Happy Rose Day baby!

Just like a red rose spreads its charm in the room, your presence makes my life super-exciting. I wish you a Happy Rose Day, handsome!

These are amazing wishes that we have collected that you can ever find on the internet. Your lover will surely impressed when they receive these rose day wishes from you. So, use these magical lines and show your lover that how much you love him/her and how much they means to you in your life.


This was the awesome collection that we have. Hope you and your loved one would love this collection. You may share these wishes on various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram or you can also put these wishes in the Instagram stories. These wishes will help you to make this day more special for your loved ones. You can surprise your wife or husband by using these lines with captioning their name in a  Facebook post.

Wish you and your lover or GF a very Happy Rose Day. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite line, you may write it in the comment section below.

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