A sister’s wedding is the most heartfelt moment for siblings to express their precious feelings of joy, happiness, sweet quarrels, debates, etc. But now that, she is going to get married, we understand the feeling that you will likely undergo on the days leading up to her wedding day and recommend that you write a few sweet lines of love through a letter or via a sweet SMS to your sweetheart Behan with personalized sister’s wedding wishes and messages.

If you are confused while searching for the best lines for your sister’s wedding day then, don’t worry! Here, we have the best collection of sister’s wedding day wishes, messages, quotes, and captions that you can use to surprise your sister. So, without wasting more time let’s start with these marriage wishes for sisters:

Wedding Wishes for Sister:

No longer a Miss but always a Sis! I love you!

Sending you a smile, while shedding a tear – You may be far away but in my heart you are near.

You bake a mean mud pie and give the best hugs – To you my sister I wish lots of love.

More than a sister, you are my best friend. Best wishes dear sister, may your happiness never end.

Thank you for always being you. Take some time to step back, and enjoy your big day. Love you forever.

If you get cold feet, just send me the signal and we can go Runaway Bride in this place.

From holding your toys to holding your hair to walking you into school to picking you up from practice, I never thought I’d be holding your bouquet. Here we are, so let’s go! Congratulations…now go get your man.

I am so happy you and [husband’s name] found each other. Can’t wait to see what life has in store for you both!

You know, a sister is a friend you always have throughout your entire life. We’ve seen each other in our highs and our lows. I’m so happy to watch you get married. I love you forever my sister!

Don’t mess up on your first dance. Love ya!

wedding wishes for sister

Congratulations my dear sister. Together you both are two of a kind! I wish you all the best in life.

My dearest sister. Congratulations on marrying the man you love so much. You two look perfect and madly in love with each other.

Dear sister, as your elder brother I feel immensely proud of and happy for you. You are the best sister and am sure that you will make the best life partner.

My dearest cousin heartiest congratulations. You have chosen the best partner who will always keep you happy. Best wishes.

My soul sister. Heartiest congratulations for a match made in heaven.

My dearest sister and confidante, I am so glad that you have found your Mister Right who makes you feel so special. You will always remain my precious sweet sister with whom I have shared my fondest dreams. Stay blessed and be happy always.

From a caring sister to a loving wife. You are the best my darling sister. Congratulations.

Congratulations to the best sister and the most beautiful bride.

May your wedding be the first day of a loving and joyous new life. Congratulations my darling sister.

Here’s wishing love, joy and togetherness to the most beautiful sister in the world.

So, these were some best sister’s wedding day wishes and greetings. These were the best wishes that you will ever find on the internet. You can use these wishes to convey your true emotions towards your sister on her special day. So, what are you waiting for now? Send these wishes to her and make this day more special for her.

Wedding Messages for Sister:

Congratulations to my dear sister on this special and important day. I believe that you and your husband were meant to be together. I hope that your love never ends. Love you both!

My beloved sister, I wish you a marriage, full of joy and love, passion and happiness! So happy for you two!

My lovely sister, now that you are a part of a new family, I hope you will bring lots of happiness to your new family the way you make us happy. Always be happy!

Dear sister, You deserve all the happiness of this world. May God bless you with a happy family who will cherish you forever. Have a happy wedding day.

To my sister and my new brother-in-law. I hope that your life together is filled with every blessing and that you are very happy together. Congratulations on your wedding.

Wishing you the best moments in a lifetime! Congratulations on starting your new life together!

Marriage is a journey of many joys and sorrows. Now you will be sharing them with your new husband. Both of you are wonderful people, and I know that you will be able to build a happy life together. Many blessings for now and for the future. Congratulations.

Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.

Congratulations on your wedding, sister. I wish you and your husband all the best as you begin your new life. I know that you two will be happy together.

Millions of congratulations on your wedding sister! Finally, you are turning into a blossomed woman from a girl. Don’t think about troubling my brother-in-law.

happy married life wishes for sister

To my loveliest and the dearest sister, I bless you with all the wishes of the world to being your new journey. May your new road be filled with life-changing challenges and frolic moments!

Congratulations on your marriage my baby like sister. I can’t believe you are tying the wedding knot earlier than me. Have a blissful married life!

Your wedding is about to happen and I am super happy for you, sister. You are getting married to your dream partner and going to start a new journey pretty soon. Congratulations sister!

Surely, I will miss you after your wedding. But more than that, I will be happy for you to become a beautiful married woman. Congratulations on your wedding sister!

I am so happy that you have chosen the perfect life partner who loves you and respects your freedom. Heartiest congratulations to both of you on your wedding!

I never thought my sister would give me her wedding news out of the blue. Anyways, you both create a wonderful life for yourself. Have an enticing married life!

As you are going to being the new journey of your life, I wish my sister and my brother-in-lawn a remarkable married life ahead. Always be a support system for each other!

To my sassy, classy, and bad assy sister, I pity the man who is marrying you. Jokes apart, best wedding wishes to the best sister in the world.

You are quite sensible and your husband-to-be quite flamboyant. You both complement each other. I wish you a wonderful married life ahead!

Dear sister, I am so happy on your decision of getting hitched. Unquestionably, you have taken the greatest step in your life. Savor your new marriage!

So, you just read out some amazing emotional messages that you can send to your sister on her wedding day. You can also use these messages to make some greeting cards that you can present to your sister. We assure you, she will remember these lines throughout her life.

Wedding Quotes for Sister:

You are my favorite sister but today you depart from me to your husband. I will always miss you. Enjoy your marriage life with all your heart desires. Happy married life, sweet sister.

You are heading towards a new chapter of your life. From being a loving daughter, to a caring sister to a Wife, May you enjoy everything you need in life. Happy Married Life my sister.

My dearest sister heartiest congratulations. You have chosen the best partner who will always keep you happy. Best wishes in your new life. Congratulations. Enjoy your wonderful husband.

On this special day of your wedding, you are the most beautiful of all brides. And I am so proud to be here. I wish you the very best of luck. Enjoy your married life.

Now your dreams have come true and you’ll soon be a wife from today. To you my wonderful sister, I wish all the happiness in the world. May you enjoy your wedding.

Happy married life my dear sister. I know you are going to be an awesome wife. I know you will be the best mother and I know you will give a happy home. Congratulations.

This is something people don’t understand about love, the more it endures, the more it grows and shines. Don’t quit at any moment, even when it’s so rough. Keep going. Happy married life sister.

You’ve always been my protective elder sister and best friend. Now I am going to miss you. But I wish you all the best in your new chapter of life. Have a Happy Married life.

I will miss you so much when you are married but still I am so happy for you. You are wealth more than anything in this world you are so beautiful. Congratulations sister.

Congratulations! May your love story be told with wonderful memories. May your Journey last forever in true love and affection. I will miss you, Sister, never forget to make your man happy.

wedding wishes for sister messages

Congratulations on finding a wonderful partner to embark on a beautiful life together. I’ve always admired and looked up to you. Now that you’re soon to be married. I wish you a happy wedding.

My dearest sister. Congrats on wedding the man you adore to such an extent. Both of you look consummate and frantically enamored with each other.

Dear sister, as your senior sibling I feel colossally glad about and upbeat for you.

You are the best sister and am certain that you will influence the best life as an accomplice.

My dearest cousin heartiest congrats. You have picked the best accomplice who will dependably keep you glad. All the best.

My spirit sister. Heartiest congrats for a match made in paradise. Happy married life.

My dearest sister and associate, I am glad to the point that you have discovered your Mister Right who influences you to feel so exceptional.

You will dependably remain, my valuable sweet sister, with whom I have shared my fondest dreams.

Remain favored and be glad dependably. Happy marriage!

From a minding sister to an adoring spouse. You are the best my sweetheart sister. Congrats.

These were the right set of words for sister’s wedding day i.e sister marriage quotes. These quotations were just looking simple in appearance but we assure you, these quotes will leave no stone unturned to make your sister’s wedding more special and memorable.

Sister Wedding Captions:

Weddings are always challenging, never give up! New things happen every day! Your marriage will be what you make it to be. Make sure you choose right. Happy Married Life sister.

Enough of your mixed up life, now is the time to organize your thinking because you’ll need it in your new home, it’ll help you monitor everything closely. Happy Married life sister. Miss you already.

Always develop plans to make everyone happy at home and to make everything work just like our mother often does. That’s the role of a good mother at home. Happy married life sister.

It’s the time for you to be a strong woman, a time to be brave and focused. It could get lonely at times especially when kids are still on the way. Happy married life sister.

Nothing will fill the vacuum you’ll leave behind in this house, I will miss you every day until I leave this house also. Happy Married Life lovely sister. Enjoy every bit of your marriage.

Congratulations sister. Now you’re a woman, don’t ever dwell in the shadows of a young lady anymore, now you have a massive responsibility which is your husband. Enjoy your beautiful home.

Never forget to always put God first if you want a perfectly formed home, it’s the basis of everything that your home will become. I hope you’ll adhere to that instruction. Happy Married Life sister.

Don’t forget that nothing happens by accident, your husband today is the same man you should love forever. Whether he’s always right or not. Happy Married Life sister. May love keep you connected.

Now you’ll know the kind of effort mom puts to make the home work. 😀 Lazy you, I know this marriage will make you change your laziness to hard work. Congratulations on your marriage sis.

Happy Married Life sister. I wish mom will allow me to follow you to your new home because now that you’re gone, no one will help me arrange my stuffs anymore. I’ll miss you.

marriage wishes for sister

Congratulations on your wedding my sweetest sister. I wish you both all the happiness and smiles in the world. May you enjoy your married life to the fullest with the blessings of Almighty. Warm wishes to the best little sister… Happy Marriage to you.

My darling sister… I am so happy that you are marrying the man of your dreams… together you two make the best couple…. And I wish you both a beautiful journey full of love, romance and lots of fun… May God always bless you…. Warm wishes on your happy married life.

Dearest sister, you are the closest to my heart and I am so happy for you, for you are entering a new relationship… I know that you are going to make the best wife, daughter in law and an amazing mother in times to come. Happy Married life to you… And all the best!!!

Being you sister, seeing you happy and glowing with love, I feel contented…. I wish you a wonderful, romantic and blessed married life…. You have chosen the best partner and I am sure that he will take best care of you and will always keep you happy. Best wishes on your wedding.

I am so happy for you that you have found your Mr. Perfect who will always love you, pamper you and make it a happy married life for you… I wish you two are blessed beautiful moments of happiness and togetherness in life…. Congratulations and happy married life to you.

Dearest sister, I know you are going to make the most beautiful bride… As you are all set to being a new journey, I wish you a wonderful married life with your loving husband who madly loves you and cares for you. Wish you both a wonderful life ahead. Congratulations.

Dear sister, you have always been a loving sibling and now you are going to make an awesome wife… My darling sister, sending you loads of wishes on your wedding… May you are always smiling and happy… glowing and sparking…. Happy Married life to you.

I wish that your wedding may be the very first day of your new and joyous life… May every moment from now on is a beautiful blessing from God blessed with love and care of your loving husband…. Warm wishes on your marriage!!

Warm congratulations on finding your soul mate…. May you two enjoy a beautiful and happy married life… May your love get stronger with time…. Happy married life to the most amazing couple.

My sweetest sister, we have grown up together dressed as brides and today it’s a special moment when you will dress up as the most beautiful life… a moment I will remember all my life… Congratulations on your wedding my darling.

So, these were the unique captions for sister’s wedding. You can use these captions to update your Facebook status, Instagram story, and Whatsapp status about her wedding. This action will put a huge impact on her and let her know that your much you going to miss her after her marriage.


So, this was the best collection of sister’s wedding day wishes, messages, greetings, and captions. Hope these lines would be helpful for you to make your sister feel special on her big day. Your sister’s wedding is the big day of your family. We’ve tried here to make that special occasion more emotional and heart-touching by arranging these beautiful wedding wishes and messages for sisters. These heartfelt blessings and prayers will definitely express the words of your heart. With the advent of new technologies, you can choose various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. or you can choose a simple text SMS to send these lines to your sister.

Team HappyBirthdayWishes2.com wishes your sister and your brother-in-law a very happy married life. And if you have any other experience then you may share it with us in the comment section below.


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