Gifts are always something that we all actually like to receive from others, and they can be given by anyone whether it be your family, friends, and any other loved ones. Did you just have a birthday, wedding, retirement, baby shower, or anniversary and want to appreciate your party guests for showering you with gifts? A thank you note is a great way to show your gratitude towards them. It is the best way to telling them specifically how they’ve brightened your day and how much excited you are to use their gift!

And if you are running short of the right words that can express your emotions towards your loved ones in return for their gifts then, don’t worry! Here, we have the best collection of thank you messages, texts, and quotes that you can share with them. So, without wasting more time let’s start with these thank you messages for gifts received:

Thank You Messages for Gifts:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful birthday gift. I really love it! Thanks a lot dear your choice is really top-notch.

I feel I am very fortunate to have someone like you in my life. Thank you for organizing a brilliant birthday party for me and for the amazing birthday gift.

This was a extra -ordinary birthday celebration that I won’t be able to forget. Thanks for making my special day so memorable my dear! Your birthday gift is so thoughtful and sweet! I really love it!

Thanks for adding that joyous spirit to my birthday party with your lovely presence and the amazing gift.

I don’t know how you found out what I needed. Thanks a lot for the gift. I love you from the bottom of my heart dear.

I just love the gift that you gave me. Every time I will see it, it will remind me of you. Thank you so miuch indeed!

You always surprise me by how much you know about me. I really like the gift that you have given me for my birthday. Thanks a lot darling!

The day that you came into my life is one of the best days of my life. Thank you for being a part of my life and for the thoughtful birthday gifts that you give me every year.

You are so sweet and generous. I love you. Thanks for the birthday gift, I really love it.

I always knew you were cool. Thanks for being the coolest girlfriend ever. I love your birthday gift.

I can’t believe you made the whole gift by your own very hands. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift made with love!

Your birthday gift is unlike all the others that I got. You are so sweet and I love you for being so caring. Thank you for gicing me a fantastic birthday gift dear!

I really love the birthday gift you chose for me (name); it matches impeccably with my room décor. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful gift.

Thanks a ton for your thoughtful and generous birthday gift. I really love it Thank you for your surprise gift!

It was really very sweet of you to gift me the cricket match tickets for my birthday. I am really looking forward to the cricket match. Thank you so much!

thank you messages for gifts

Even in those very dreaded days, you make my work life easier. Even though we are good colleagues, I consider us good friends. Thank you for sticking out for me. I couldn’t appreciate it enough.

Since the day I joined this company, your continued support is the one thing I can always count on. You showed me patience, guided and motivated me whenever the situation arose. Thanks for supporting me wholeheartedly.

I don’t know how to show my gratitude for helping me with the latest project. Your ideas and insights made it much easier to proceed in the right direction and complete the project successfully.

The role you played in my life is not only because of being colleagues at work. To be honest, I’ve never met anyone who is more kind-hearted, caring and supporting than you. I wish you a lot of success because you deserve it.

Here’s to you for that flawless execution of your recent task. The time and effort invested in by you were mindboggling. We always knew that you were our most technologically sound team member by far. Thank you for everything you do.

Your determination, motivation, and inspiration is a welcome addition to our team. Keep doing exceptional work as always. We appreciate your contribution to meeting our team goals.

I know that the mistake I made resulted in a huge loss for you. I promise to do better. Thank you for understanding instead of intolerance that I would have faced from anyone else.

Your skills and street smartness has made my work life easier. Thank you for being such a good colleague.

While people know us as simply being good colleagues at work we know that we are more than that. The role you played in my life is monumental. I am grateful for the continued support and guidance. I really appreciate it!

I always count the lucky stars that I get to work with you. Your hard-working, patient, street smart and an overall wonderful colleague to have. May you have a lot of success in your professional life.

You make the workplace a little bit brighter and a whole lot of fun. Thanks for being the breath of fresh air amongst all the stress that I’m facing.

Working with you on this project actually makes me look forward to coming into the office. The time and effort you put in to bring me up-to-date has been the gamechanger for me. Thanks for helping to make my skills better, one day at a time.

I really appreciate you for covering for my work when I needed to take a sick day. Never would I have managed to get such a caring and supporting colleague at work. Wishing you a lot of success in whatever you do.

Your continuous support, encouragement, and guidance have helped me reach many professional milestones. You are the mentor that every star-eyed new hire needs. My admiration and respect for you only grow each day I spend under your mentorship. Thank you for making my work life easier.

You are, without a doubt, the biggest professional asset to this company. We are lucky to have such an experienced person amongst us. We really appreciate the knowledge and tips that you choose to impart us with. thank you for your gift!

So, these were some best thank you messages that you can share with your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, lover, and other beloved ones. These were the best thank you or appreciation messages that you will ever find on the internet and you can use these msgs without any hesitation to appreciate your loved ones for the gifts that they give to you.

Thank You Text for Gift:

Thank you for all the support and kindness. It is hard to get people like you as a friend.

Thank you would be too small to show my gratitude to you. But, alas! This is the only word I know. Nevertheless, you know well, how much you owe me.

Thanks for helping me when I was in a big trouble, thanks for keeping my moral to the top, thanks for not letting my confidence go. Thanks for everything, my dearest bro!

You get to know your allies only when you face tough times. Thanks for keeping my trust on you same as it was. thank you for the lovely gift!

Thank you for mentoring me and showing me the right and wrong, to support me in every manner possible.

Thank you for always supporting me, you was there with me when no one was and I will always be there you. I love you, stay blessed!

Life could be impossible without you, you made our lives fun and worth living for. You kept motivating all of us every day, thank you for the surprise gift my love!

You know it takes time to realize that how beautifully people have helped craft my way and you have always been the first to go person. Thank you!

Every time it’s the moments and memories which we lived for, thank you for giving such memories to cherish forever!

You have always be a backbone to my decisions and made me stronger when I was low. Thank you so much for everything!

thanks message for gift

I want to thank you for such a wonderful gift…. I was seriously surprised to get a present like this…. Thanks again for making my birthday so special!!!

It was so nice to have you at my birthday party and it was equally amazing to receive such a thoughtful gift…. I loved it!!! thank you for the gift.

I was seriously surprised to see the gift as this was something I had been looking for…. Thank you so much my dear sister for you know what I want all the time…. Thanks a lot.

I always knew that you have a great taste and when I opened the present I was amazed to find the most thoughtful present I have ever received…. Thanks so much.

Having you as a part of the celebrations was a great pleasure…. I also want to thank you for the incredible present you brought me…. It meant a lot!!

Gifts always are a reflection of how well the person knows you and after receiving your gift, I am surprised to see that you know me extremely well…. Thanks for such a unique present.

Of all the gifts I received, your present will always be close to my heart because you took too many efforts to have it made just for me…. Thanks for this beautiful gift my dear!!!

I was very happy to see you at the party and I want to thank you for picking such a pretty gift for me…. I really loved it!!!

Thanks for sending such a beautiful present on my special day….. Though no present can compensate for your presence but it still means a lot to me that you sent this just for me… Thank you so much!!!

I was surprised to open the box you had gifted me yesterday….. I was not expecting a present so incredible…. Thank you so much for gifting me such a lovely thing!!!

So, you just read out some amazing thank you msg for gifts that you have received from your loved ones. These texts are just looking simple in appearance but we assure you, these texts will leave no stone unturned to appreciate your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for now? Send these messages to them and show them that you are so much obliged for the gift that gave to you.

Thank You Quotes for Gifts:

I’m the luckiest guy/gal alive. Thank you so much for the gift!

You truly get me, I couldn’t have asked for a better wife/husband. Thank you for your amazing gift!

Your gift makes me sure glad I said, “I do!” And if I had to say it again, I would say it a million times!

Thank you for the amazing gift – it’s almost as wonderful as you <3

Thank you for the gift, and thank you for being you!

Your gift means a lot, thank you! Your friendship is the greatest gift 🙂

Thank you for being a friend, and for your thoughtful gift!

Your friendship is my favorite gift 🙂 Thank you for your gift!

You always know exactly what to get me. You’re the best friend a guy/gal could ask for!

I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for your gift!

You’re the best Mom/Dad/parents a guy/gal could ever ask for! Thank you for your gift!

Thank you for the gift, Mom & Dad – you are BOTH the best gift I have ever gotten!

I couldn’t have picked more wonderful parents, thank you both so much for the gift.

Your generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you for your gift! It was, and you are, truly appreciated.

thank you message for gifts received

I am very humbled and grateful for the gift. Thank you!

My heart is still overjoyed. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Simple things in life really mean a lot, you made my day. Thank you for the gift

The gift was timely. Thanks for the gift I really appreciate it.

I am really touched beyond words. Thank you for the gift

Wow! You have made my dreams come true. Thank you so much!

You are a blessing to my life. Thanks for the gift I really appreciate it.

Thank you for sending me this lovely gift. It made my day more memorable. Thank you.

I know you spent a lot of energy and effort looking for this unique gift. Thank you for making me feel so special. I really like the Gift.

This is the perfect gift I have ever received. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this lovely gift.

I love the cup, every time I see it I think of you. Thank you for the gift

Thank you for this fine furniture. I don’t know where you get such unique things.

May God bless you abundantly, you have a generous heart! Thank you for the gift!

  1. Thank you for this beautiful birthday gift. May God bless you!

So, these were some thanks quotes for surprise gifts. You can use these lines in return for an anniversary gift, wedding gift, valentine’s gift, retirement gift, farewell gift, etc. You can also use these lines to update your Facebook status, Instagram story, and Whatsapp status including a thank you note for the gift received. This action will put a huge impact on your loved ones.


So, this was the best collection of thank you messages, texts, and quotes that you can share with your mom, dad, boss, hubby, girlfriend(GF), boyfriend(BF), lover, customer, and any family member or relatives. You can choose a simple text SMS or any other various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatapp, etc. to send these lines to them. We assure you, whatever way you choose these lines will deliver the same emotions.

Don’t forget to tell us your favorite line. And if you have any other experience then you may share it with us in the comment section below.

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