Rose day comes with the beginning of valentine’s week that is celebrated on 7th February every year. On this day, people exchange roses of various colors and with the dear ones that help them to confess their feeling towards them. Red rose symbolizes love, yellow for friendship, pink for affection, and many other colors that have their hidden meanings. Roses hold a special place in a couple’s heart that expresses their deep love and affection towards their lover. Most people use to express their feelings through rose day wishes and messages because sometimes it is hard to explain your feelings face to face.

If you are also one of them and searching for some right words that would express your feelings properly then Congratulations! Here we have the best collection of heartfelt rose day wishes, messages, quotes, Shayari, and greetings in English for your girlfriend to make her feel special. So, without any delay let’s start with these rose day wishes for girlfriend in English:

Rose Day Wishes for Girlfriend:

I don’t find any other interesting way to express my love for you. The red roses just for my life.

Roses are the best way to express love and define a relationship. I have selected the red one for you.

Red roses are the symbol of intense love. And so, on this rose day, I’m giving you a big bouquet of love.

Red roses are the prettiest among all like you are the most adorable among all. Love you!

I’m giving you roses to show how much I love you in my life. Now give a fresh smile just like roses

Love is like a rose. When its fragrance is in the air you can only surrender and drench your soul.

Love is like a rose among thorns, rare sunshine among the darkness.

Love is like tending a rose, a couple of pricks along the way but at the end, we get something beautiful.

I send this rose deep from my heart to you.

Sending you this beautiful bouquet of red roses to express my love to you that is deep like an ocean and vast as a sky. Happy Rose Day!

May your life be as beautiful and fragrant as a rose. Love you for everything. Happy Rose Day, Lovely!

My life is empty without you, Just like a garden without roses. Be there always. Happy Rose Day!

A rose is not just a flower, it is a symbol of pure love and affection. This Rose Day, may God fill your paths with vibrant roses without thorns. Happy Rose Day!

No bird can dance like a peacock, no flower can be as beautiful as a rose, and no woman can be as pretty as my girlfriend. Happy rose day, baby!

rose day messages for girlfriend

No matter what the season is, thanks for glooming in my garden and making my life even beautiful than before.

This rose is for you to say thank you for being there always with a heart full of love for me.

Words will fall short to express my love for you, hope the roses will fulfill the emptiness. The happy rose day my girl.

On this special day, I want you to know you are the only person to whom I want to wish with a rose. Happy rose day sweetheart.

You are like the roses. You come in various colors of mood but never failed to charm my life. Happy Rose Day bubble.

A Bunch of Red roses signifies deep love & respect for you, my love.Friends for Ever Sweetheart!!Happy Rose Day

These were some of the wishes for her(girlfriend or lover). Send these wishes to your girlfriend and see how it helps to make your relationship strong with her. By sending these wishes you can make her feel your presence even if you are far away from her.

Rose Day Messages for Girlfriend:

You came into my life with the fragrance of happiness.You are as beautiful as a rose.Happy Rose Day!

Red for power, red for passion, red for love… and red roses for my belovedLove you, Sweetheart.Happy Rose Day!

The one who is precious to me…I wish her a very very very special Rose Day.

You have loved me with all my flaws and limitations,You have accepted me as I am.Happy Rose Day.

With you by my side, I do not care about my thorns! Happy Rose Day to the love of my existence!

Hoping to rise in love and with a rose, I wish you the most beautiful rose day! I love you!

I miss you more and more with every passing day! I wish I was there with you… Happy Rose Day my Rose!

Sending you a bunch of roses on this day to express my love for you which is as deep, pure, and beautiful. Happy Rose Day!

I forget my sadness when I am with you! You are and will always be the most beautiful flower in my life! Happy Rose Day!

Red is for love, Yellow is for friendship, White is for peace, Pink is for gratitude, Orange is for fascination…..the whole bunch of these roses is for You. You are the love of my life. Happy Rose Day!

Sending this rose to you today. It is as unique and charming as our love story. Happy Rose Day!

rose day quotes for girlfriend

I asked God for roses And God gave me a garden of roses, I asked him a drop of water And God gave me an ocean, I asked him for an angel and God gave me you! Happy Rose Day.

I wish my smiles be yours forever, I wish my happiness be yours, As I wish to get only you and nothing else in this world. Happy rose day.

In the Flower, My Rose is U. In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is U. In the Sky, My Moon is U. I’m only Body, My Heart is U. That’s why I always Miss You !!

Let me hold your hand and lead you on the way of our life. I’ll always be there to protect you from every hurdle of life. Happy rose day!

These were the best messages for her on the internet that you will find on rose day. These rose day msg for gf will prove to be helpful for you to say happy rose day my love. These rose day messages for love can make her feel like she is the most important person in your life. You can also wish your ex-girlfriend a happy rose day by doing an SMS for her with the help of these messages.

Rose Day Status for GF:

Presenting you a bouquet of roses that symbolize our eternal love. Happy Rose Day

Just like a rose fills the air with its fragrance, you have filled my life with love and joy. Happy Rose Day

Not every flower except a rose can express my love for you. Sending a bunch of roses for my beloved. Happy Rose Day!

Even if love is full of thorns,I’d still embrace it for I know that in between those thorns,There is a rose that’s worth all the pain.Happy Rose Day!

May love always triumph in the face of obstacles. May it outshine any ugliness that might arise, just like a single red rose amidst a field of thorns.

A single rose can be my garden and a single friend, my world.

Anybody can love a rose, but no one can love a leaf that is near to the rose, don’t love someone who is beautiful but loves one who makes your life beautiful.

I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, and then I looked at you, and I kept looking at you, for the rose isn’t as beautiful as you.

Wonderful combinations in this world: Heart & Beats, Night & Moon, Music & Songs, Roses & Love, Fish & water, My message & Your SMILE!

Every bird cannot dance but peacock does; every friend cannot reach my heart but u did; every flower cannot express love, but roses did it.

Sweeter than the candies lovelier than the red roses more huggable than soft toys that’s what you’re here’s wishing you a Rose Day that’s as special as you’re

rose day status for gf

You know what Rose Means It also means R- Rare O- Ones S- Supporting E- Entire life Happy Rose Day

My rose is red, Your eyes are blue, You love me, and I love u. Happy valentine’s day. Happy Rose Day

I asked God for a rose And he gave me a garden, I ask God for a drop of water And he gave me an ocean, I asked God for an angel And he gave me you! Happy rose day!

Roses exclusively for a nice person… ‘YOU‘ From a simple person… ‘ME‘ Keep roses until they dry… Keep myrelation until I die… Happy Rose Day.

You can use these above-mentioned lines to update your rose day status for your girlfriend on Whatsapp status, Instagram story, and Facebook status. And for the caption, you can use any line from the above section.  She will definitely feel special and loved when she will see your love status. By updating your status for her can bring a pretty smile to her face and can help you to make a special place in her heart.

Rose Day Quotes for Girlfriend:

Bunch of roses I am sending you, Yellow to show our happiness, White to show our purity, Black to show our darkest secrets, And red to show our love.” Happy 1st Day of Valentine Week.!

The red rose whispers of passion and the white rose to breathe of love.”Happy Rose Day!

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.Happy Rose Day.!

My rose is red, Your eyes are blue, You love me, And I love u. Happy valentine’s day in advance.”Prosperous Rose Day!

One of the Best Moments in life is When you See Our Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose, hard to understand? So Read Again,” your Friendship Turns into your Love.” Happy Rose Day!

This rose day I wish that all the thorns on the path of your life are vanquished and your life path be filled with petals of love, friendship, and blessings.” Happy 7th Feb Rose Day!

You are like roses. You come in various colors of mood but never failed to charm my life. Happy Rose Day

Rose is my favorite kind of flower in the world, and so are you. Happy Rose Day to my favorite person

These roses are the symbol of my gratitude towards you for honoring me with your company. Happy Rose Day.

This rose is a symbol of my respect for you as well as other deep feelings I have for you in my heart. Happy Rose Day.

rose day status for gf

Never thought of someone so crazily before, you made my whole world shaking; I have got a rose in my life’s garden. Happy Rose Day.

Some feelings can’t be told, but I want to share something that I have held; this red rose is for you to let your heart mold, let’s together get old. Happy Rose Day!

A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day!

Roses Are Lovely Flowers And They Always Brighten A Room And Bring Joy To The Heart. You Have Done The Same For Me, Brightened My Life, And Brought Joy Into It. Happy Rose Day And Lots of Love.

A rose is not just a flower but also a symbol of true love. It shows that true love never ends. Happy Rose Day!

So, these were some of the best quotes on the rose day for your girlfriend. These quotes are the right set of words that will convey your true feelings towards her. A sweet gesture of sending rose day quotes can make her believe in your love, and she will remember these lines throughout her life.

Rose Day Quotes for Her:

A rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart. Happy Rose Day.

You are as soft as the rose petals, for your beautiful heart, I have a beautiful rose. Happy Rose Day!

Some feelings can’t be told, but I want to share something that I have held; this red rose is for you to let your heart mold, let’s together get old. Happy Rose Day!

A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day!

Your love is like the fragrance of roses; it refreshes me when I’m at my lowest.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this. Happy Rose Day!

Cancer may have started the fight but you are the one who has to finish it. On the eve of Rose Day, I hope you come out triumphant.

Cancer is nothing short of a long marathon, sometimes you will need nourishment but in the end, you have to go on and finish the race. I hope you have a great Rose Day.

The motto is simple; never back down from a fight. On this Rose Day, best wishes to all the fighters and survivors of this world.

Smiling is the best way to let everyone know you are getting stronger than the previous day. Wish you a heartfelt Rose Day.

In these challenging times, you can be somebody’s hope and inspiration to live freely and happily. Wishing all the somebody a very blessed Rose Day.

A Bunch of red roses signifies deep love & respect for you, my love.

rose day wishes for gf

If these roses could speak the language of my heart. They’d say… I love you!.

Love is like a rose. when pressed between two lifetimes it will last forever.

My love is like a rose divided into two, the leaves I give to others, but the rose I give to you.

You can use these special rose day quotes for love to share with your lover. She will surely feel happy for having such a life partner like you. You can directly send these love quotes to your lover to make this day as special as he is. These quotes for lovers will cherish your love and increase her affection towards you.

Rose Day Shayari for Girlfriend:

Laye pyar se bhara gulab apke liye,Is jahan ka sab se khubsurat gulab apke liye,Pasand aaye to batana humkoHum aasma se barsa denge aise hi gulaab apke liye.Happy Rose Day Sweetheart

Ye lamha meri Mohabbat se bhara hai,Ye Sama meri Mohabbat se bhara hai,Is gulab ko sirf gulab mat samjhnaGaur se dekhna ye Gulab meri Mohabbat se bhara hai.Happy Rose Day My Love

Soch rahe hai tumko apna pyar kese bheje,Dhund ke laya ho jo khushboo wo us paar kese bheje,Sinjo ke rakhi hai jo mohabbat apni is gulaab meSoch raha hai wo gulab Apke paas kese bheje.

Taaron mein chaand jaisi ho,Sawan Ki Ghata-E-Bahar jaisi Ho,Ho khubsurat tum pholo jaisiOr pholo me bhi tum tum gulab jaisi ho.

Ek “Rose”–;–;<-<@Unke LiyeJo Milte Nahi Roz Roz,Magar Yaad Aaate Hai Har Roz.“Happy Rose Day”…

Dosti ka rishta anokha haiNaa Gulaab sa hai na kanto sa,Dosti ka rishata toUs Daali ki tarah haiJo Gulaab aur kanteDono ko ek sath jode rakhta he aakhri dum tak…….Happy Rose Day…

Bade hi chupke se bheja tha,Mere mehbub ne muje ek gulab,Kambhakht uski khusbu ne,Sare shehar me hungama kar diya

Phool Khilte Rahein Zindgi Ki Raah MeinHassi Chamakti Rahe Aapki Nigaah MeinKadam Kadam Par Mile Khushi Ki Bhaar AapkoDil Deta Hai Yehi Dua Baar Baar AapkoHappy Rose Day…

Chala jaa re SMS ban ke Gulaab,Hogi sachi dosti to aayega javab,Agar naa aaye to mat hona udaas,Bas samajh lena ki mere liye waqt nahi tha unke paas.Happy Rose Day.

Dosti ka rishta anokha hai naa Gulaab sa hai na kanto sa, Dosti ka rishata to us Daali ki tarah hai jo Gulaab aur kante Dono ko ek sath jode rakhta he aakhri dum tak…….Happy Rose Day.

Pyaar ke samandur me sab doobna chahte hai, Pyaar me kuch khote hai to kuch pate hai, Pyaar to ek gulaab hai jise sab todna chahte hai, Hum to is gulaab ko choomna chahte hai.. Happy Rose Day

Phool Khilte Rahein Zindgi Ki Raah Mein Hassi Chamakti Rahe Aapki Nigaah Mein Kadam Kadam Par Mile Khushi Ki Bhaar Aapko Dil Deta Hai Yehi Dua Baar Baar Aapko Happy Rose Day…

Rose Day shayari greetings

Meri deevangi ki koyi hadh nahi, Teri surat k siwa muje kuch yaad nahi Main GULAB hoon tere gulshan ka, Tere siwaye mujh pe kisi ka haq nahi

Chaahat ki izhaar ho zaroori to nahialfaazon me hi ikraar ho zaroori to nhiyunhi samajh lena jazbaaton ko tum merehaathon me aakar gulaab dun zaroori to nahiHappy Rose Day

Ishq hai hansi me na udaa denaehsaas ko mere nadi me na baha denadil ki kashti me jagah de tamanna hai meriiltezaa sirf itni hai ki makhaul ko na udaa denaHappy Rose Day

Chaah ke bhi mukammal jahan nahi miltamahaz alfaazon se khwaabon ka dawa nahi miltaitni asaani se muhabbat nhi milti har kisi kobekaraar hai dil bina mile sukoon bhi to nahi milta

Meri diwaanagi ki koi had nahi haiteri surat ke siwa mujhe kuch yaad nahimai gulaab hun tere gulshan katere siwaaye mujhpar kisi ka haq nahi

Ek ajnabi se mujhe itna payaar kyun haiinkaar karne par chaahat ka izhaar kyun haiuse paana nahi meri taqdeer me shayadphir har mod pe usi ka intezaar kyun haiHappy Rose Day

Har phool aapko naye armaan dehar subah aapko ek salaam dehamari ye dua hai taahe dil seagar aapka ek aaansu bhi nikleto khuda aapko usse duguni khooshi deHappy Rose Day

Kuch din ka intezaar mila hamkopar sabse sweet yaar mila hamko nana rahi tamanna kisi ki tere baadmohabbat se wo payaar mila hamko. Happy Rose Day!

In this section, there were some best Shayari and quotes in Hindi that you can share with the love of your life. She will surely impressed when she receives these rose day shayari in hindi for girlfriend from you. So, use these magical lines and show your girlfriend how much you love her and how much she means to you and in your life.


So, this was the best collection of rose day wishes, messages, quotes, Shayari, and greetings for your girlfriend in English. Hope you also feel loved while sharing them with your love. To make a little more impression on her, you can upload a post on rose day and tag her on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Wish you and your lover or GF a very happy rose day. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite line, you may write it in the comment section below.

Happy Rose Day🌹

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