It can’t be emphasized enough how much kids value birthdays! They wait patiently all year for the arrival of a day that is synonymous with absolute fun!

The birthdays of our children mean so much to us too! It is the day that reminds us of the beautiful feeling we experienced when something we created came to life. Birthdays are a day to express the love and gratitude we feel for the existence of this bundle of joy!

Every birthday should be celebrated with the honor it deserves to tell our child with absolution, “We are so happy you were born and our lives get meaning because of you.”

How to make your kids’ birthday special is a question that arises every year without fail. We always want to ensure a day that is dedicated solely to our kids. Here, we have put together a few ideas to assist you in planning a miraculous day for your child.

Birthday Ideas for Kids:

birthday ideas for kids

A] Give them a balloon “Wake up Call”

Balloons are an indication of childhood, happiness, and growth! Just a glimpse of them put an instant smile on the faces of kids. When it’s time for your child to rise and shine on their day; stand over the bed with a bunch of colorful balloons or scatter them around the room! Greet them with vibrant colors all around them and start the day on a positive note!

B] Create a birthday video compilation gift

Who doesn’t like appreciation and feeling loved! A video gift is recently being recognized as a very budget-friendly and heart-warming gift. A video gift can provide great flexibility by allowing you to bring together the wishes of people who stay far off. You can collate childhood videos and photographs and compile them with video wishes from near and dear ones, making your child feel cherished and loved. However, collecting the videos, and organizing them can be tedious and time-consuming. But today, several tools are created to make this task easier for you, check how to make a birthday video compilation surprise gift for your loved ones in the easiest way than ever.

C] Arrange a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is something that never gets old! The thrill and zest that it creates cannot be put into words. Fill the house with clues and gifts and let your child have an amazing time! You can also create a themed set-up for the treasure hunt. For instance, you could choose a theme like an island, forest, haunted house, etc; set up décor and add props to make it even more amusing!

D] Let them decorate their cake!

Birthdays can just not be imagined without a scrumptious cake, and kids absolutely love cakes! Let your child decide the cake they want to have. Provide them with options of flavors they can choose from!

E] Host them a party!

birthday party for kid

Make your kids’ birthday more special by inviting over every person your child adores and loves! Create a guest list of family and friends and plan a surprise party for your child. Cook or order their favorite meals. You could also decide upon a dress code or a theme party and so on.

F] Take them out to their favorite place

You can either go for an indoor birthday or an outdoor one. If your child is a fan of Harry Potter; can you imagine the joy they’ll experience if they find themselves at Hogwarts on their birthday? If your kid is into visiting places, you can plan an outing to their favorite place. It could be an amusement park, theme park, nature trail, and so on. Ask your child where they’d like to go and decide accordingly. Plan the lunch and dinner at cafes or places that the child likes.

G] Watch their favorite movie

After a fun-filled and continuously occupied day, seize it down with a movie. Get all cuddled up on a couch with your child, set up the ambiance, and put up the all-time favorite movie of your kid. If you can, then display it on a big screen in the yard making it a lifetime experience!

H] Write them a letter and present them with their gift

One thing that everyone looks up to on their birthday is their gifts! Gifts are universally loved and when they are something that one fancies, the joy achieved is unmatched. Choose a gift your child has always wanted and as the day is coming to an end; present them with the gift and a letter. Letters have their way right into our hearts. They are the best way to portray our feelings and love. Watch the huge grin on your kids’ faces as they read your letter and adore your gift.


There are several other ideas you will come across to make your kids’ birthday special. Here, we have collated only the best ones! You can always think out of the box and come up with your own idea to celebrate the day! Your kids most certainly mean the world to you and what’s a better occasion to portray this than on their birthday!

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