Halloween is a big festival of Christianity. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. It is celebrated with great pomp in India as well as all over the world. The festival of Halloween is celebrated to pay homage to dead relatives and friends. Halloween is a themed festival, just like the importance of lamps or lights on Diwali or the importance of colors on Holi, similarly, scary things are represented in a different way in Halloween.

But, apart from this celebration, we must share some Halloween Wishes and Messages with our friends and family members. So, if you are looking for some amazing Halloween SMS and quotes then you must check all the collections. So, without any delay, scroll down the page and have a look at these amazing wishes and messages.

Happy Halloween Wishes:

Wishing you a fun Halloween filled with magical surprises! May you get lots of treats that are good to eat!

The dead have risen up from their graves. Watch your steps carefully. Don’t stop and don’t look back. Wishing you a Halloween night full of fright and fear!

Be very afraid of the dark because you never know what dwells in it. And don’t listen to the whispers in your ear. Wishing you a Halloween full of haunted and spooky encounters!

You’re the cutest pumpkin in the patch! Have a scary good time. Happy Halloween!

Collect your pumpkin and get yourself ready to explore the night! Bring candles when you come out of your house. Because the dead hates the light. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Wishing for you to have a relaxing day as you will not need to put on any costume today. Your face is scary enough!

Don’t let yourself become a dinner item for the Halloween zombies. Be the hunter tonight, don’t be the pray. Wishing you a great, happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to someone very special. Hoping your night rocks, just like you!

I wish you collect a lot of candies tonight. Dress yourself up with creepy costumes. Have fun with your friends but watch out when you pass by the woods. Because its Halloween tonight!

Wishing you a Halloween night full of fun and joy. Make yourself prepared for the celebration as darkness takes over. The dead are awake once again!

Be aware of who you receive candies from. You don’t even know who’s dead and who’s alive tonight! Have a thrilling Halloween night!

Today’s the day to eat candies and sweets to your heart’s content! Happy Halloween!

I hope you have fun hanging out with the gang and acting silly while dressing up in this Halloween.

Have no fear. Scare people away while screaming at their face. Have spooky fun, dear.

If you think you are safe because you didn’t leave your house, just know that when the lights are gone, it’s the same darkness that rules everywhere! Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a creep-tacular Halloween night full of ghost hunting and candy-eating. Put on your costumes and scare the hell out of your neighbors! Happy Halloween!

Carve your pumpkin and get yourself ready for the witch-hunting because tonight is going to be the scariest Halloween of your life. Happy Halloween!

You will never find a holiday better than Halloween. Wishing you a happy Halloween filled with sweet candies and eerie monsters!

Tonight, is your chance to make all your scary dreams come true. Become the monster and scare someone because tonight it’s all fun. Happy Halloween!

Tonight, I am wishing you an unforgettable Halloween adventure filled with creepy memories and deadly encounters. Happy Halloween!

So, these were some Halloween wishes that we have collected from all over the internet. These wishes of Halloween will make this holiday memorable. We hope you will love these wishes. These funny wishes will help you to make your parents and relatives laugh. Send them these wishes to make their entire Halloween holiday happy.

Happy Halloween Greetings:

Let’s dress up as our favorite characters and act like a kid all night. The fun of Halloween never gets old. Happy Halloween!

I don’t ask for any more treat because I already have you in my life. Looking forward to have an amazing Halloween experience with you!

Let the power of Halloween take over and do its magic. Hope you have a pleasantly frightful night and succeed in trick or treating. Happy Halloween.

May all the good spirits take over the bad sprites and make this year wonderful. Sending some ghostly greetings on this Halloween! May the feast begin.

Just find the right kind of ghosts to enjoy the night with. Make the best out of this Halloween holiday! Have fun with your friends and relatives!

Have a fun-filled spooky time on this Halloween. Eat a lot of candies and don’t forget to take your jack-o-lantern with you wherever you go! Happy Halloween!

From ghoulies and ghosties and long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! – Scottish Saying

I have to continue reminding myself that it’s Halloween so I can’t rely on my instincts to shoot zombies in the head.

Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, “Never take candy from strangers.” And then they dressed me up and said, “Go beg for it.” I didn’t know what to do! I’d knock on people’s doors and go, “Trick or treat.” “No thank you.”

Proof of our society’s decline is that Halloween has become a broad daylight event for many. – Robert Kirby

When I was a kid my family was really poor and I remember one Halloween I wanted to dress up really scary and my parents came home with a duck costume. I wore that costume for years! I hated it. – R.L. Stine

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. – Henry David Thoreau

My daughter’s really into the Halloween spirit. She’s been in her pregnant lady costume for months now.

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin.

Sending you good wishes for a Happy Halloween. Have fun hanging with the gang!Have a safe but frightful Halloween!

Wishing you a fun Halloween filled with magical surprises! May you get lots of treats that are good to eat!

Having you in my life is the sweetest treat! Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!

Hope your Halloween is just crawling with happiness, because a person as you deserves it!

As the dark nights draw near, have a memorable and spooktacular Halloween!

Best witches on your special day! May you have a wonderful and spook-tacular birthday! You deserve all the success and happiness in the world.

So, these were some Halloween greetings that you were looking for. Send these beautiful greetings to your loved ones or lover. We hope your boyfriend (BF) and girlfriend (GF) would love these Halloween greetings. You should share these Halloween greetings with them. Now, let’s jump to the Funny Halloween text pumpkin.

Halloween Text:

I wish you a sweet, scary and satisfying birthday and of corpse a healthy one too. Happy Halloween…I mean happy Birthday!

Even though it’s Halloween I wish you a magical birthday, full of surprises tricks and treats. Thanks for being such a terrific person.

candy, and may you have a frightening and toasty hot Halloween. Happy birth-ween!

Another year older…forget the trolls and let’s celebrate the best and scariest birthday ever. Happy Halloween!

Happy birthday to a selfless vampire and a beautiful witch! May you have many more scary and joyous celebrations to come.

May your birthday be filled with the people you love, candles, goodies, spider webs, candies, vampires and treats!

The ghouls and trolls, the vampires and the witches are wishing you a freakishly scary birthday. Happy day of the Hallows, my dear!

Here’s a wish to a special someone who shares a birthday with the ghost, witches and the vampires. You are still way cooler and hipper. Happy birthday!

It’s a dark night with a moon so bright, Strange ghosts and goblins give you a chill, Here’s a Halloween wish for you, That tonight will bring you a thrill!

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.

Wishing you a spooky night of shrieks and chills With your friends enjoy the most magical thrills!

May you dance like a ghost and walk like a witch May Halloween make you more fortunate and rich!

Hope this Halloween is full of your favourite things May the spirits bless you more generously than the kings.

Watch a ghost and goblin getting paired Spooky and scary tonight will be Have a blast getting scared!

Lets carve out pumpkins on Halloween and enjoy the thrills of the frightful night. Have a happy Halloween!

Make the most of every minute all day Have a Happy Halloween Holiday!

I wish you have a night filled with adventurous. May this Halloween be a day you will remember forever. May this be the scariest night of your life! Have a really spooky Halloween!

This Halloween I wish that all your hard work on tricking and treating wins you lots and lots of candies. May you look scarier than ever! Happy 31st October to you.

Witches flying on brooms and Frankenstein by your side, Laughing goblins, dancing skeletons, be careful; don’t collide All the fun has come alive, blues and woes have died! Happy Happy Halloween!

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whipsers, ’tis near Halloween. Happy Halloween!

These are some of the best and unique happy Halloween messages that you can send to your dear friends. We hope your friends would love these amazing messages when they receive them. These messages will also help you to make your friendship bond stronger and Halloween holidays memorable. So, enjoy your Halloween celebration with your friends.

Halloween Quotes:

Did you see the flying witch, the whispering branches and laughing moon? The night is scary; Carve me out a glowing pumpkin and let’s head to the highway. Happy Halloween.

Here is wishing you a Halloween adventure filled with memories of love and creepiness.

The night carries the fragrance of caramel apples, tastes like roast sweet corn and looks like a carved pumpkins. Amazing Halloween.

Come out in your creepiest dress; I have lots of candy and let us go hunting in the forest of the dead. Happy Halloween.

Are you still standing? A dead man is right behind you. Run! Happy Halloween.

A new moon is racing the dark sky; a cold finger running down my spine. I can feel creepy ghosts coming to the street this Halloween night.

Make me a pumpkin mask. Dress up like a ghost and let’s get to the highways. The dead are waiting. Wishing you a scary Halloween.

Are you an unmarried girl? Dress up like a ghost and look into the mirror. Can you see the man of your dreams?

Dress up, the Halloween night is dead. Goblins and skeletons are waiting to possess you at the door. Can you hear the knock?

Beware this creepy night. Witches, monsters and demons are clothed in crazy costumes waiting to hand you the tricks and treats, candy and horror. Happy Halloween.

Run if you don’t want to be dead. On this dark Halloween night, the red devil, monsters, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and black cats are out with black magic to hunt you.

What do you see this Hallow Eve? The Dracula is coming to town with the ghosts and the vampires. Relax, it can’t get scarier. Wishing you a lovely Halloween.

If you are good, go hiding, the witches, the demons and the ghosts are coming to have you for dinner.

Beware it’s Halloween night, don’t go collecting candies; don’t look back if you hear your name. Just keep running.

The ghosts and vampires are coming to hunt you this creepy night, just go hiding under the blanket. Happy Halloween.

When the creepy monsters come knocking at your door, simply open and receive your magical candy.

If you hear a breaking sound outside, know that the werewolves are on your trail. Wear your costume and run. Wishing you are festive Halloween.

If the night gets darker than the moon can keep aglow, watch out for the vampires and get mischievous.

If you are not ghastly scary, be ready to go hiding. Wishing you a spooky and fun-filled Halloween.

Let’s go trick-and-treat this Halloween night; when it’s time for candy, everyone is on his own. Happy Halloween.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the above-listed “Halloween quotes for instagram” and also have found the best sayings among them that you want to share with your family and friends. And, also tell them any scary story by adding your own words in these quotes. Enjoy your Halloween with your family and friends and make memories that can’t be forgotten.

Halloween Instagram Captions:

Get your criminally scary costume. Besides, what is Halloween without creepy costumes?

If you are wise, never let your love go out on the night witches ride on broomsticks, or vampires will have him/her for breakfast.

Those witches that roam in the sky in the storms and dark are not the real witches. Real ones among us. Wishing everyone happy Halloween!

Jack-o’-lanterns you and we light. Near you and near me sight. All ghosts go off. Because real ghosts we tonight. Wishing scariest and horror Halloween!

On Halloween, you face your real fear by dressing yourself up like it. It is a great opportunity to face your fear. Wishing spookiest Halloween!

When all sleeping and all roads are empty. You walk on them. You might meet ghosts. They tell you the read dead we are; while they living. Wishing awesome dreadful Halloween!

Though it looks scary and a bit fearful. But it is really merriment and happiness. Happy Halloween!

All want magic. But all are afraid to witness it. Halloween is magic. Live it and witness it. Wishing happy Halloween!

When pious souls get together. It is on the Halloween. Wishing everyone one magic wand and goosebumps Halloween!

Wishes only come true of brave ones. Saints and martyrs pray for only brave ones. Wishing everyone a happy Halloween!

When you pray for your loved dead ones, they make a seat for you in heaven. Happy Halloween!

Weakest the ghost, strongest the ghost; all are fellows, dance in one song. Black witch, black cat all come; all the merriment of Halloween scare. Happy Halloween to all!

The costume that you wear on Halloween is your real attire which you wear inside your body, which no other could see. Wishing fright shaking Happy Halloween!

Facing fears prepare you for facing real dangers and horrors of life. Wishing everyone Happy Halloween!

Be the monstrous of the Halloween night. Don’t take big sighs. To let out fear you go with reals; bing-bang-boo, it is Halloween night. Wishing everyone monstrous afraid Halloween!

Your life is at stake. Dark is coming. All lights have gone. In the sky and winds witches roam. Wishing everyone midnight Halloween!

The dead are the real or we the living dead. On the night of Halloween, a portal opens and magic happens. Wishing everyone a scary Halloween!

Don’t fear the scary weird pumpkins. They are less than us. Happy October 31!

Make sure the candies you are collecting are not tasted by ghosts! Have a dreadful Halloween!

Never think of visiting a haunted house. Believe, you would not return or if; you would return with it. Wishing everyone a blood-thirsty Halloween!

These were the Halloween captions for Instagram that you can use in your Instagram post. These were the best and amazing captions that will make your Instagram post most interesting and we assure you that you will get more likes and comments than you ever received. So, without any hesitation, use these captions.


So, these were the best and awesome collections of Halloween SMS, wishes, and quotes. We have scoured all over the internet and collected these lines. These lines will get everyone excited to celebrate this holiday like never before. You may share these lines via a simple SMS or through various social media platforms. So, without any hesitation, pick the best one from the above list and share it with your dear ones.

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