Birthdays are very special because they come once a year and while some people prefer a nice quiet birthday, others will organize a party and invite some guests. When guests are invited, there’s music, food, and most importantly, a well-crafted speech. Birthday writing is a piece of work that focuses on the day one is born. It has two types, the first is a welcome speech mostly for the guests and the second is a celebrant speech which is one for the person celebrating their birthday.

When one is writing any of the speeches above for a birthday, they can ruin the mood or vibe of the party if it is full of tiny mistakes. If one needs help or assistance with birthday writing, they can hire professional essay writers from different companies similar to AdvancedWriters. With the help of one of their expert writers, we will explore how one can put together a very good birthday speech in this article.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing a Birthday Speech:

1.   Make the speech clear

You always have to remember that this is a celebratory moment or event and your speech has to match that. You need to make sure that it is optimistic, upbeat, clear, and easy for those in attendance to understand.

2.   Don’t mention age unless it’s a milestone

Some people do like to celebrate their birthday every time it comes around but don’t like to reveal their age. When you are writing your speech, keep this in mind and only disclose the age of the celebrant when it’s a special milestone like their 18th, 21st, or 50th birthday.

3.   Avoid saying anything embarrassing

When you are writing your speech, avoid adding any embarrassing stories about the celebrant. They would not welcome the idea of guests knowing that they have a drinking problem, for example, or they snore when they are sleeping.

4.   No rude or harsh stories

When it comes to a gathering like a birthday party, people normally have their family members in attendance. The last thing you want to do is tell a rude or harsh story about the celebrant. This will not only strain the relationship you have with them but those in attendance as well. Choose your stories wisely when coming up with your speech.

5.   Don’t talk about sad moments

In a very fun and joyous event like a birthday, you don’t want to put a spanner in the wheel by bringing up sad and tragic events. Refrain from this at all costs because this will kill the whole vibe of the birthday.

6.   Don’t be a comedian

A birthday party is not the best place for you to try to be too funny. This is something that comedians do for a living because they are well-trained and have perfect timing. Not everyone is gifted in the art of writing something very witty. Try to be genuine and lighthearted in your speech instead of being a party pooper.

7.   Don’t offend anyone

The best essay writers online always say you shouldn’t see a birthday party as an opportunity for you to take a swipe or diss any of the guests in attendance. Not only will this make you look like a fool, but it will also make the celebrant feel embarrassed, which can change the dynamics of the party. Something that was planned as a celebration can turn toxic.

8.   Don’t bring up the dead

There is a time and place for everything, but you shouldn’t talk about the deceased unless you’ve been given the green light by the celebrant. It could be the one who is still going through the grieving process and to avoid upsetting anyone, don’t bring up the deceased.

9.   Never use pet names

If someone is married, they wouldn’t want everyone to know what their wife calls them, or someone in their mid-20s wouldn’t want people to know they are still a momma’s boy. If someone’s name is Geoffrey, it is ok to call them Geoff, as that’s a shorter version of their name.

How to Use Jokes in Birthday Writing:

To make your birthday writing stand out and be more entertaining, many professional essay writers say you can add a few quotes and jokes in there. They are a good way to start a piece before getting into the main body, and below are successful ways to add jokes.

  1. Only have one or two jokes at most in your content because it has to be centered around the honoree and not a place to launch your comedy career.
  2. When you use quotes, they need to be used sparingly and ensure you shout the author out because it will be classed as plagiarism.

Choosing a Birthday Topic:

When it comes to writing, nothing is more important than a good quality topic and when birthday writing is involved, professional paper writers for hire advise students to use some tips below.

1.   Speak about the past

When you share certain aspects about the past, it will make your content more interesting. You can talk about shared experiences you have with the birthday person, some funny stories, and even milestones. Readers will be interested to know such wonderful stories, and you have to include them in your piece.

2.   Talk about the guest of honor and the party

You can talk about the age milestone, the setting of the party, and the number of people available. Make it a point to summarize the achievement, hobbies, talents, and interests of the honoree. Overall, all you need is a small summary of the person’s life.

3.   Add some gentle teasing

If appropriate, you can “roast” and make fun of the birthday boy/girl as long as they are fine with it. It is best to only do this with people one knows very well like family members and close friends, however, don’t say anything embarrassing.

4.   Speak on the future

When writing birthday content, you can talk about any desires and hopes for the honoree. The most important thing here is to be very supportive and positive about things to come.

Final Thoughts:

While it can be time-consuming to put together, a well-written birthday piece can warm the heart of anyone who receives it. It is a symbol of endearment, and the words used can live in the mind of someone for a long time if they touch their heart. Cakes, presents, boxes of chocolate are all tangible, words are very powerful, and seeing someone smile at the end of a good birthday piece is worth the effort it took. If you are struggling to get your message across when it comes to birthday writing, you can always hire an expert writer who will help you express what you want to say in the best possible way.

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