No matter how good the relationship is, but due to someone’s mistake, it can get spoiled. So if you have made any mistake inadvertently or your girl is hurt by your rude behavior, then you should apologize to them so that your relationship will be good. So, if you are looking for some good kind of apology lines, then you do not need to worry about this because we are here for your help.

For you, we are mentioning the best sorry messages, quotes, and sayings that you can send to your close ones such as your girlfriend. These lines will enrich your relationship. So, without wasting any second, just go through with sorry messages for her.

Apology Message for Her:

This pain is hurting me, I don’t want to see you his sad, I am sorry my dear girlfriend.

It was not my intention to embarrass you at the party; I thought I was just saying on a light note, apologies my love.

Love is never smooth, it has got many phases, I pray we pass this stage and have a long lasting life together. I’m sorry darling.

I know I was rude and You are angry with me… But I am very sorry for all that…Please Forgive me!

Sorry is nothing, the real apology comes when you can look in their eyes and see they hurt themselves just as much.

I hope you accept this apology, for it comes not only with the deepest regrets but with feelings so pure.

Please forgive me for being such a pain.

Hurting your feelings was never intended, so please, forgive me.I am terribly sorry.

Please know that I was thoughtless, thoughtless, thoughtless and truly sorry for it. I won’t let it happen again.

I deeply regret the ordeal I have put you through. I’m really sorry. I want you back in my arms again!

sorry messages for her

I am not that perfect, but my heart will always beat for you, I am sorry my dear girlfriend.

It was not my intention to make you feel lonely, please forgive me. I am the same person who loves you dearly.

My love, I don’t want to rush you, take your time, I’ll wait for your answer, I am sorry for what I said. Please forgive me.

Since the day I hurt you, I have been having sleepless nights. Please find peace in your heart to forgive me, I am sorry. I love you.

You are the love of my life; I will never leave you as you are the treasure of my heart. Don’t worry my love; I will wait for you to answer. I am sorry my love, please forgive me.

I’d rather spend a second with you than a lifetime with another. Darling, I am sorry for my wrongs, please forgive me.

I thought I was strong, never to live on lies, until this disease got into me. Apologies for lying to you, forgive me my love.

I’d rather be with you than with someone else, you are the only beat in my heart, and will only love you. I am sorry my dear girlfriend. Please forgive me.

I would be like an angel if I am given the change to love again, I am sorry my love.

I’d rather be alone that with someone else whom I don’t love. Darling, I am sorry for my wrong.

So, these were the best collection of heart-touching sorry messages for girlfriend that we have collected from all over the internet. These lines will let them know that how sorry you are feeling for your rude behavior. These lines have magic that can solve many things and will take back the relationship on the right track. So, without any delay, just pick the best one and send it.

Sorry Message for Girlfriend:

Baby, I feel so bad right now, cause I tore your world apart, and now all I can think about is how I broke your heart

The things that have been spoken between us, words that have remained unheard, differences that never mended, can we put them behind and start over again?

Baby, I feel bad because I made you so unbelievably sad. Tears of sorrow cross my face as I wish that I could take your place. Forgive me, my sweetheart.

Our life is like a flower in spring. If you leave, you’ll take away the essence! Come back, and let’s be together again.

If I could, I would take back all the things I did to hurt you. But since I can’t, please make do with my apologies.

Please know that I am sincerely sorry.I won’t let it happen again.

Please bring back our days of sunshine Forgive me, please.

Heart Touching Sorry Messages for Girlfriend I’ve been a fool, and I know that ain’t cool. I’m so sorry, my love. Hoping your push won’t turn to shove. Forgive me, please.

I want you to know that I am sorry. It was all me to blame. I love you, and I will be true to you forever. Please forgive me.

I know I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me. Let’s give our love another chance, and I will be the right guy for you.

sorry wishes for girlfriend

My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. I am sorry, forgive me.

I am sorry for being jealous. It’s just that I’m afraid of losing the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I have shown you what an idiot I can be by making that mistake. Now it is your turn to show me what a darling you can be by giving your anger a break. I am sorry.

I can’t believe how I drove us apart when all I ever wanted was for us to be together… now and forever. I am sorry.

I don’t know what to say but to apologize for being such a jerk.

Hurting you is the last thing I’d do, I did not mean to my love. I am so sorry. I need you back in my life. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

My shortcomings are in the red, and I goofed too. I’m sorry, my dear. How about dinner for two?

Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.

I know sorry’s not enough because I’m such a screw-up. But for whatever its worth, I wanted to say that you cross my mind every single day.

I am extremely sorry baby for hurting your sincere feelings. It was never my intention to do that but circumstances can make a man do anything. I seek your apology badly.

So, these were some best sorry msg for GF that you can share with your lover. These were the best msgs that you will ever find on the internet and you can use these msgs without any hesitation to apologize for your mistake. You can send these msgs via simple text msgs or through any social media networking sites. So, without any delay, just pick the best one and send it.

Apology Quotes for Her:

I was a little high and things went out of the control. I am so sorry for misbehaving you in front of everyone. I hope you will accept my apology and give me one more chance to rehaul everything.

I never thought a sweet small banter would turn into an extremely heated argument and make me utter abusive words. I still can’t believe I uttered those filthy words. I am in deep trauma. I am so sorry sweetheart!

In a relationship, little or colossal arguments are bound to happen but doesn’t mean we should end the years of relationship right away. I seek your apology and I promise you to keep my anger in check.

After yesterday’s incident, if you ask me to jump from a cliff I will do it for your apology. I am so ashamed of myself for raising hands on you. Please forgive me!

Your arrogant attitude and dull behavior are the reasons our relationship is falling. Still, I am apologizing to you for the sake of years of love and friendship. I am sorry for everything.

A vehicle only runs swiftly when all the tires function properly. I am the one who is putting all the efforts to keep the relationship alive. But it seems like you are not. If I have done anything wrong, bestow me an apology.

Your love is the finest thing ever happened to me but I was dolt enough to not value it. Will you please forgive me? I know I am stupid but everyone deserves one chance in life. I am sorry!

I still remember those days when we used to be the best couple among our massive social circle. I don’t know what happened to our relationship now? Is there anything that I have done wrong? Please accept my apology sweetheart.

Asking for apology first doesn’t make a person small. I misbehaved badly with you and I want you to forgive me. I am so sorry girlfriend for everything.

I still can’t believe how your one stupid act separated us and you didn’t even bother to apologize. Still, as the person with a bigger heart, I apologize for all the diabolical fights we had.

sorry status for gf

Last night, we had the most terrible fight of our life. I don’t know whose fault it was and who started the fight. I am saying sorry to end the matter. I wish you accept my apology quickly and resume the relation again.

After our terrible fight, I understood that anger and ego only ruin a relationship. I am so sorry girlfriend for raising hands on you. Accept my apology and let’s begin our beautiful relationship again!

Sweety, we all are human beings and we all made mistakes. However. Forgiving is the attribute of strong individuals. Please forgive me for all the terrible deeds. I promise I will be a changed person.

My only goal in life is to make you happy all the time. But I hurt your feeling unintentionally and broke your heart. I hope you forgive me. I love you, baby!

Many times you told me to check anger and I didn’t listen. Yesterday’s sudden outburst of my anger broke your delicate heart. I don’t deserve forgiveness, still, I am sorry baby.

I still can’t elicit out those incidents when I had given you so much pain that you don’t deserve a bit. I beg you to forgive me and render me one more chance to fix up everything.

Until you accept my apology, I will suffer severely every single day in remorse. I am a crank head but you are quite a sensible girl. I am so sorry my lovely girlfriend.

The more you will reject my apology, the harder I will bounce back to ask for forgiveness. Let’s end this cycle of forgiveness and rejection for once and all. I am extremely sorry for my arrogant behavior.

Even to date, I feel so shitty for my acts and behavior even though you accepted my apology wholeheartedly. Once again, I am extremely sorry baby!

From every fiber of my body, I beg you to forgive my devilish acts and give me one more chance to turn myself into a better man for you. I am so sorry my lovely girlfriend.

So, these were some sorry quotes for her. These lines will soften your girlfriend’s heart. You can also use these lines to update your Facebook status, Instagram story, and Whatsapp status including an apology note for your girlfriend. This action will put a huge impact on your loved ones. So, just pick the best one from the above-listed lines and send it to your girlfriend.

Sorry Quotes for Girlfriend:

Lovely sorry messages for boyfriendSearching for lovely and sweet I’m sorry love messages ? No one said that love would be easy, and many times we question whether it really exists or not, perhaps because of its complexity, because of its way of showing itself before our eyes.

However, if it is a feeling for which everyone is fighting; it is for something, since nothing is in vain. It is a constant struggle, and we must be comfortable with it, especially if we are sure that he is the right person.

When we have a discussion, it is not worth spending so much time disgusted, it is more important to spend our time loving each other. These phrases are made for those occasions.

“Love, our history has no comparison, and being upset at this point, it does not make sense. Let’s talk soon, and let’s solve it, everything has been misunderstood. ”

“Uniting my life to yours has been and is a great success in my life. However, these fights make us realize how alive we are. Do not stay upset, let’s talk soon. I love you“.

“Today is not a normal day, we are upset, and it makes my day go gray and without any sense. I do not want to be like this anymore, I want us to always smile. I love you infinitely, never forget it. ”

“Dear, I do not want us to continue being upset with each other, you are the hostess of my heart, and if you are not happy, my heart is not either. I want to know that you are calmer now. I love you“.

“When you like, whenever you want, I am willing to talk, I want to solve this soon, I do not want to know that we are upset or anything. We love each other, and continue to build our love”

“I love you infinitely, our love is unique, and we have built a beautiful story. It’s not worth being upset, wasting time, instead of spending beautiful moments. ”

“Think that every time we get angry, we build parallel moments instead of being a united world as we have always dreamed. I love you infinitely. ”

sorry quotes for her

“I want you to know, love, that without you my life has no meaning, no peace. This crossing of love is done by two, and if we have to solve something, it also has to be together”

“My love, I do not want you to continue being upset with me, I want us to solve things as soon as possible. Do not end the day being angry. I love you infinitely.”

“It is important for me to know that I love you infinitely, I do not want us to spend one more minute upset, I want us to have eternal smiles at all times. I love you“.

“My heart feels incomplete knowing that we are upset, it was a silly fight, you know it well, there is nothing that our love cannot solve, but we must be united”.Category: I’m sorry messages for Her

“It’s nice to know you’re in my life. You are my constant blessing, but when we are angry, it is impossible to continue normally. Let’s fix things. ”

“Cristina I’m asking you to please forgive me. All this time I have been very selfish, but now I run the risk of losing your love, so I want you to know that you are the most important piece of my life.

I can’t believe what a fool I was to treat you the way I did. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and allow me to show you the kind of love and respect you truly deserve.

You deserve a man who will put your feelings and needs above his own. I haven’t been that man in the past, and for that, I am genuinely sorry.

I was always prone to making dumb mistakes, but I never really cared. But breaking your heart is something I cannot accept. I am terribly sorry.

My apology to you is not because I just want you not to be mad at me. I completely understand that what I have done was stupid, and I’m fully prepared to do whatever it takes to get you to forgive me. I am sorry.

So, these were some of the best sorry quotes that we have collected from all over the internet. These lines will express your feelings and your apology towards your lovely girlfriend.  So, do not hesitate to send these lines to her because saying sorry will make your relationship strong. So, what are you waiting for? just pick any line from the above-listed lines and send it to her.

Sorry Status for GF:

No matter how many times you refuse to forgive me, I will keep trying. Because my love for you is something that cannot be easily forgotten.

I have learned to accept all the mistakes I make, but when they hurt the most important person in my life, then that is something I cannot accept. I beg for forgiveness; I love you.

“I know I am not perfect and I make mistakes, but I am so glad that I have you to help pick me up when I fall down and help me grow into the best that I am.”

“No matter what happens, you will always remain my biggest priority. Will you forgive me for what I have done?”

“If I begin to tell you how terrible I feel, my message would run into pages. To cut a long story short, I am really sorry, my dearest wife.”

“We are two headstrong people with our own minds, which tells me that we can work this out if we try. Please forgive me, my dearest partner.”

“I am sorry for hurting you so deeply, sweet wife. I want to be your hero again. Can you forgive me?”

“I feel bad for making you sad. I feel guilty for making you question my intentions. I am sorry, baby please forgive me.”

“Honey, give me the chance to make it up to you. I know where I got it wrong, and I am determined to do better next time.. please give me the chance to show you my efforts to become a better man.”

“It is impossible to change the past, you have my promise to make it up to you in the future. I am truly sorry.”

heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend

“I know I have let you down, and now I have emptiness and guilt in my heart. Can you fill the void with your forgiveness, my dear?”

“For all the pains and headaches I have caused you, I intend to give you twice the joy and peace. Just let go of the past.”

“For all the pains and headaches I have caused you, I promise to give you twice the joy and peace. Just let go of the past.”

“You are my destiny, but I have disrespected you with my behavior. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”

“Nothing is right in this world if I can’t make this right. Please give me another chance to become a better version of myself. I am sorry, my dearest.”

“My sweet angel, how could I have been so thoughtless? Please give me a chance to repair what I damaged. I ask for your forgiveness, my dearest wife.”

“You are a wonderful wife with a big heart. My heart hurts without you. Please forgive me and let me be in your heart once again.”

“My heart feels the burden of guilt because I will never forgive myself for what I did. But my heart also yearns the solace, which can only come with your forgiveness. I am sorry.”

“I am sorry that in your eyes, I couldn’t stand tall. A smile on your face, I desperately want to see, and I promise to be the man that you always wanted me to be.”“Sorry for hurting you baby, I never meant to be so heartless. Please forgive me, because without your love, I am a man lost, without his queen.”

“Every single second away from you, my wife, is like a dagger in my heart. Please accept my apology, for I can’t stand being apart.”

“For all the memories we share, for all the smiles we have, it breaks my heart to see you sad. I am so sorry baby.”

So, you have just looked at some of the world’s best sorry wishes for a girlfriend that you can use to update your Whatsapp status, Facebook status, and Instagram story. You can also use these wishes to make an apology greeting card for your loved ones which will make your girlfriend’s heart melt.


So, this was the best collection of sorry messages, sayings, and quotes that we have collected from all over the internet. Hope these lines will help you to make your relationship strong. You may share these lines with your girlfriend through various social media platforms. We assure you, these lines will convey your true feelings towards your girlfriend. So, without wasting any second, just pick the best one and send it to her.

If you have any other kind of experience then you may share it with us by using the comment section below. Hope you visit again, for more on this kind of stuff stay connected with us, and don’t forget to bookmark this site in your browser.

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